TECH Talk: Azure Sphere

In this TECH Talk I discuss how Microsoft’s Azure Sphere enables a micro-IoT scenarios and enhanced operationalization of the IoT platform.  This addresses a critical aspect of IoT, which is management of the deployed ecosystem and decreasing the size of the hardware necessary.


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Beer 30: IoT Kegerator

In this Beer 30 we spent some time talking about the IoT kegerator project with John Adali.  In this internal project a Kegerator was attached to an IoT device to monitor beer flow.  This was a nice way to illustrate how IoT can provide value within the business and highlight other opportunities.


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TECH Talk: Building a Cloud Migration Workstream

In this TECH Talk, I talk about how an organization can craft a cloud migration workstream to take advantage of public cloud capabilities.  This aligns to an organization migrating significant portions of their business to the public cloud, or those just deploying new applications there.  This is a must watch for any CIO wanting to properly organize how they attack the public cloud ecosystem.


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