My name is Nathan Lasnoski.  I’m a Chief Technology Officer for a national consulting organization and also have a passion for driving beauty, ethics, and positive innovation within businesses and people.  With this site I intend to speak to the following:


How does our work show meaning and truth? We will explore how our daily work brings about the realization of who we are and who we were created to be.


What does an ethical, truth-based business look like? We will explore how an organization can be more holy and more effective at serving its customers, partners, and employees.


How can I create a virtue-based culture in my business?  We will explore practical techniques to create catholic culture in a business, from personal interaction to organizational opportunities. This is not about evangelizing so much as it is about creating the right kind of culture at your business.


How does the intersection of technology into our businesses impact us?  We will explore how we leverage technology to do interesting things and benefit our businesses in significant ways.



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